You can add comments to pages and blog posts in Confluence. You can also respond to previous comments and create a discussion.

To add a comment, you require 'Create Comments' permission which is assigned by a space administrator from the Space Administration screens. See Space permissions or contact a space administrator for more information.

To add a new comment:

  1. Choose Add > Comment from the top of the page, or simply click beside your profile picture below the last comment.
  2. Type in your comment.
  3. Click Save. By default, the current page is added to those that you receive notifications about. 

To respond to a comment:

  1. Click Reply located below the text of a comment.
  2. Type in your response.
  3. Click Save.

Posting comments in Confluence allows you and your colleagues to hold discussions within your wiki. You can often use the wiki instead of email, for example.



In the tutorial:

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