Ever heard the saying 'a picture is worth a thousand words'? Using the Balsamiq Mockups Plugin you can create and visualise mockups of diagrams for proposed layouts of website content, new features, and much more, right within Confluence.

How can you use it?
  • Our 'Development Team' uses Balsamiq to mockup new features for our products. The Balsamiq Mockup below eventuated in the new Image Browser that shipped in Confluence 3.1.
  • Our 'Marketing Team' use Balsamiq to create mockups of pages for our website in Confluence. The mockups are then given to our 'Web Team' to implement.
How to add a Mockup to an existing page
  1. Hover your cursor over the Add menu on any Confluence page
  2. Select UI Mockup
  3. Use the Balsamiq Web-based editor to complete your mockup
  4. Once you've completed your mockup, select Save and Close from the Mockup menu in the top-left of the Balsamiq editor
Import Existing Mockups

You can reuse a whole bunch of Mockups that have been contributed by the community.

(warning) The Gliffy and Balsamiq plugins are pre-installed with Confluence Hosted Evaluations.

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