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The Copy Space plugin allows a space administrator to copy a space, including the pages within the space, but excluding (so far) page history, blog posts and email.

How can you use it?

The Atlassian Tech Writers use spaces as as their version-control mechanism. Here’s an overview of the process they follow:

  • Leading up to release date, they work with ‘hidden drafts’ in the documentation space. For new features, they create new pages with restricted permissions. If they need to update existing pages, they create a hidden copy of the page and apply the updates to the copy.
  • When release date is near, they copy the documentation space to create a snapshot of the current release as an archive using the Copy Space plugin.
  • On release date, they rebrand the main documentation space to reflect the new release number. Then they unhide all the new pages and copy the content of the updated pages to the proper pages, then delete the copies.
  • They then export the new release to PDF, HTML and XML, for those customers who prefer offline versions of the documentation.
 See the instructions...
  1. Enter the space you wish to copy
  2. Navigate to Space Admin from the Browse menu in the menubar
  3. Click on Copy Space under the Space Operations menu in the left navigation panel
    (info) See the documentation - Copy Space Plugin
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