There are a number of options for using Confluence with a mobile device. Both the RefinedWiki Mobile Interface and MiniConfluence Enterprise Edition are installed for use with the Confluence Sandbox.

All Mobile Clients

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RefinedWiki Mobile Interface

The RefinedWiki Mobile Interface is a web-based interface which works on most smart phones.

Compatible mobile browsers: Safari(iPhone), Android and Opera Mini. The mobile interface is probably compatible with other mobile browsers, but they have not yet been tested.

To try a live version point your mobile browser to:

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Mini Confluence

Mini Confluence is a mobile client for Confluence. The Enterprise Edition supports iPhone, Backberry, Palm and Android, and runs in conjunction with a server-side plugin, allowing your organisation to purchase Mini Confluence once and have employees access the app on any supported mobile device at no cost to them.

Features include:

  • Access dashboard and spaces
  • Filter content with spaces
  • Write and post comments
  • Update your status
  • View rich content
  • Search

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(info) Read the Blog Post

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