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The Content Survey and Reporting Plugin helps your team determine which articles can be improved to enhance your knowledge base. The plugin transforms space-wide configurable 'yes/no' questions into a detailed report so your team can monitor useful pages and take action on those that need improvement on a page-by-page basis. The plugin also offers a general roll-up report to help you determine the overall quality of your knowledge base.

The plugin also takes matters into its own hands by utilising a configurable search algorithm that increases and decreases prioritisation of articles based on popularity via the survey results. The plugin intelligently prioritises your content by listing it earlier in Confluence's quick navigation search, so that the best (most highly regarded) content is most easily found by co-workers and customers.

Lastly, the plugin further improves Confluence search by allowing users to search multiple spaces without ever leaving your knowledge base space. This is really helpful for users that are unfamiliar with Confluence because they can keep the knowledge base as a point of reference within the greater instance of Confluence.

At Atlassian, our product knowledge bases and product documentation exist in the same Confluence instance making both available to 'Anonymous' users. Our Technical Support team uses the Content Survey and Reporting Plugin to allow visiting users to search for Confluence resources in the product documentation space from the Confluence Knowledge Base space, providing the visitor twice the chances of finding an answer to their question.

(info) See the quick guide - Content Survey and Reporting Plugin

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