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Now you will create a page in your new space.

To create a page, you need the 'Create Pages' permission for that space, which is assigned by a space administrator from the Space Administration screens. See space permissions or contact a space administrator for more information.

Add a Page from the Dashboard

You can quickly add a page from the dashboard without having to browse to a specific space. Confluence adds the new page at the root of the space.

To add a new page from the dashboard:

  1. Click Add Page at the top right of the dashboard.
  2. Select the space where you want to add the page and choose a template on which to base the page content. For more details about using a template, see Creating a Page using a Template.
  3. Click Next. Confluence opens the page in 'Edit' mode.

Add a Page from Any Page in a Space

By default, Confluence adds the new page as a child page of the current page.

To add a new page:

  1. Go to any page in the space.
  2. Choose Add > Page.

Note that you will only see the Add Page link if you have permission to create pages for the space.
You can also create a page using a template.

You may want to insert a link pointing to a Confluence page that does not yet exist, but which you intend to create later. This type of link is called an undefined link.

To add an undefined link for later creation of a page:

  1. Edit the page in which the link should appear.
  2. Type '[' to trigger autocomplete, and type the name of the undefined page.
  3. Choose Insert Link to Create Page.

When you save the page, Confluence colours the undefined link red. When someone clicks on the link, the new page is opened in 'Edit' mode. You can then enter the page name, add content and save the page, as usual.

Notes about Page Names

     Confluence does not accept the following characters in the title of a page:

Code Block
 :, @, /, \, |, ^, #, ;, [, ], {, }, <, >

     A page must not start with the following characters:

Code Block
 $, .., ~

     Page names must be unique within a space.

Importing an Office Document into One or More Confluence Pages

The Office Connector allows you to import a Word document into Confluence, optionally creating one or more new pages. See Importing an Office Document into Confluence.

This tutorial introduces you to the Confluence editor, which is similar to other desktop publishing software you may have used. 



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