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The dashboard is the front page of a Confluence site. It provides an overview of the site, access to all spaces to which you have 'view' permission, and displays a list of the most recently updated content within them.

You can go to the dashboard from anywhere in your site by clicking Dashboard at the top-left of the page.

The dashboard is divided into three sections:

  • Spaces, Pages, Network — tabs that display your favourite content and people.
    • Spaces displays all the spaces to which you have access in the Confluence site, as well as the spaces you have marked as favourites.
    • Pages displays the pages you have marked as favourites.
    • Network displays the users that you are following (or who are following you).
  • Recent activity — tabs that display recently updated content in All spaces, your Favourite spaces, or by space Categories.
    • All Updates displays updates from all spaces that you have permission to view.
    • Favourite Spaces displays updates from your favourite spaces.
    • Space Categories displays updates from spaces in the category you have selected from the list.

Screenshot above: Confluence Dashboard Overview

  • The dashboard is the only place in Confluence where you can add a new space to the site. Use Add Space on the Spaces tab.
  • By default, the dashboard is the home page for the Confluence site. However, you can set any other page in Confluence as the home page using the Space Admin tab or your user profile settings.
  • Administrators can customise the global dashboard that all users see.
  • Users can customise the dashboard for themselves.
  • There are quick Add Page and Add Blog Post buttons at the top right of the dashboard.
  • Clicking view change beside a page name displays a 'comparison view' against the content's previous version.
  • The Feed Builder link is now in the Browse menu.
  • The People Directory link is now in the Browse menu.



The Dashboard is the home page of your Confluence wiki. The Dashboard contains a list of all the spaces within your wiki, as well as a list of recently updated content.

From the Dashboard, you can click any space's name to go to the space's home page.

To get to the Dashboard from anywhere within your wiki, click the 'Dashboard' link at the top left of your screen.



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